music man john petrucci bfr 6 Mystic Dream

The John Petrucci Ball Family Reserve 7 Electric Guitar music man jp6 mystic dream piezo was designed in conjunction with the world-renowned Dream Theater guitarist. Signature model features fine tonewoods including maple and rosewood. A mahogany tone block runs from under the bridge to the neck pocket. Selected maple neck. Music Man JP6 John Petrucci Electric Guitar, Mystic Dream (Pre-Owned)

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There’s also a Piezo/Mono jack that can deliver either a mix of mag music man john petrucci 6 electric guitar and buffered piezo signals (when a mono cable is connected) or a piezo-only signal when you’ve got a separate mono cable connected to the Magnetic/Stereo out (in which case it provides only a passive mag signal). The 3-way pickup selector gives you a choice of neck humbucker, inside coils of both pickups (in series or parallel via the push-pull Tone pot), or bridge humbucker. A Mode switch on the upper horn provides magnetic, piezo, or “both” selections. You also get Volume and Tone knobs for the magnetic pickups and a separate Volume control for the piezo pickup.

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