music man john petrucci jp6 cherished by music lovers throughout the globe

The business and the finder, Leo Fender commenced off with music man john petrucci 6 the production of outstanding guitars that afterwards on grew to become a famed brand in the tunes market in 1951. The guitar is made use of in quite a few genres of new music like rock, pop and jazz. Quite a few well known audio personalities have utilized the fender electrical guitar and established mesmerizing compositions that are continue to cherished by music lovers throughout the globe.

music man john petrucci 6 review

A high gloss polyester finish looks great and offers superb music man bongo 6 protection. Equipped with 2 custom DiMarzio humbuckers specially designed for Petrucci (DiMarzio LiquiFire neck and DiMarzio Crunch Lab bridge) along with redesigned controls providing additional versatility and tonal options, the signature John Petrucci 7 sets the standard for the next generation of electric guitar innovation.

musicman jp6


Bread new!!!! never played!!!! only opened one time inspect!!!! Music Man John Petrucci 6 in Mystic Dream ( color changing paint) with hardcase and all the case candy it does have the piezo pickup looking to sell for $1500 firm Here are some specs:The Music Man John Petrucci 6 Electric Guitar has a maple neck featuring an adjustable truss rod and 5-bolt mounting to the basswood body for perfect alignment and no slipping. This Music Man guitar has a sculpted neck joint allows free access to upper frets.



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