BFR7 will play a significant role in making that music ernie ball music man john petrucci

It gets excellent warm clean and blues tones on the who is john petrucci neck PU. You need to run the piezo’ through an acoustic amp for best performance or a PA with flat tone adjustment. Guitar amps have too much mid range to properly emulate an acoustic tone, although the piezos sound nice mixed lightly with the magnetic PU’s thrugh a guitar amp – very full ad think sound.

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musicman petrucci

Body Wood:Alder with bookmatched maple top john petrucci sterling and mahogany Tone Block. Island Bursted Koa Top – Mahogany body Body Finish:High gloss polyester Bridge:Standard – Custom John Petrucci Music Man? Piezo floating tremolo of chrome plated, hardened steel with solid steel saddles. Koa top – Custom John Petrucci Piezo floating tremolo with gold plating

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Thanks to my friend John Petrucci for hooking me up with Ernie Ball! Upon John’s recommendation I will be playing the JP BFR7. Magic Elf will be recording some lower tuned music for the pending album … and the BFR7 will play a significant role in making that music.



A nice touch is Petrucci’s signature on music man john petrucci 6 electric guitar

The neck and string feel of this axe has a way of ibanez john petrucci adding a few fingers to your fretting hand. When you really get going, the neck gets completely out of your way, and you find yourself blazing along much more cleanly and musically than usual. I’m in love with the looks of this thing. Check out the way the top doesn’t cover the entire surface area of the front. Very cool. If you’re looking for the best high-end shred machine around, you’ve found it. Read on for specifics.

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The Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci signature new john petrucci guitar JP100 Guitar combines the flare and variety of Petrucci’s style and the high quality, stylistic values of Music Man. With a Basswood body you can be sure of having a fat but well balanced tonality, and the Sterling High Output pickups add a punchy snap to the overall sound. A nice touch is Petrucci’s signature on the headstock which flows succinctly with the flame maple cap and transparent black finish.

john petrucci jp13



Any incoming orders that may put us our petrucci music man

I love the Ernie Ball coated strings! Great tone and long life! music man guitars john petrucci What else can I ask for? They play and sound great. I have used Ernie Ball strings since I started playing as a teenager.Special thanks to John Petrucci and Derek Brooks! It’s an honor to be affiliated with such a legendary company!

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That guy, John Petrucci is a tasteful guy about his john petrucci musicman guitar guitars. Ok, i was not fully happy when he had left Ibanez to Ernie Ball Music Man in 1999. I was much of an Ibanez guy, those days. But time after time i really liked his new Music Man guitar. There are two most considerable aspects about it; the design and smartness of he guitar.

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International customers: In accordance with our authorized dealer agreement with Ernie Ball Music Man, we are not able to ship Music Man guitars and basses to customer addresses outside the United States, in addition to addresses of freight forwarding companies within the United States, with intent to export. Chicago Music Exchange reserves the right to cancel any incoming orders that may put us our dealership at risk by violating this policy.



Previously reserved for family and our loyal artists music man john petrucci 6 guitar

Description:The Ball family is the last of a dying john petrucci music man guitar breed, a family business making guitars and basses exclusively in the United States. Ball Family Reserve is a celebration of our heritage in instrument craftsmanship which features some of the finest figured tone woods and finishes available. These rare heritage pieces will be offered in limited runs and allow us to present instruments to the public that were previously reserved for family and our loyal artists.


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gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend music man john petrucci jpxi 6 Neck Color: All black neck with black headstock Tuning Machines: Schaller M6-IND locking with pearl buttons Truss Rod: adjustable no component or string removal Neck Attachment: 5 bolts perfect alignment with no shifting; sculpted neck joint allows smooth access to higher frets Electronic shielding: graphite acrylic resin coated body cavit Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 6 Electric Guitar Island Burst

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So anyway, any other guitar recommendations that are good for progressive rock/metal? Thanks for the help



Stuntmen and a whole lot more. In the midst of the music man petrucci

In addition to now-standard JP model features—a basswood petrucci guitar body with a maple top, a 24-fret neck, custom John Petrucci Music Man Piezo floating bridge—the new iteration boasts a variety of options not available on any other guitar in the line. You can only imagine the carnage going on at the Musicman booth with clowns, weightlifters, stuntmen and a whole lot more. In the midst of the madness there .

music man john petrucci bfr 6

Born out of the overwhelming request of fans and players john petrucci majesty worldwide, the JP70 takes the player to new lows and musical highs.Matched, special design ceramic magnet high-output pickups, 3-way pickup switching, and the venerable Music Man approved Sterling By Music Man? recessed Modern Tremolo make this a seven string axe to wield with power.

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Excellent condition Petrucci model in the very cool ‘Mystic Dream’ finish. Color changes based on perspective. DiMarzio pickups in this model sound fantastic and offer versatile tones. Custom John Petrucci Music Man? floating tremolo is nice and smooth for easy pitch vibrato touch. The cleanest you can find for the age.


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That’s what’s curious though, because you can musicman john petrucci get away with quite a bit of whammy abuse on the standard JP trems before they go out of tune slightly. We’ve all seen John use the whammy bar for trills, dive bombs, vibrato, etc. and it has never seemed to hinder the tuning stability of his guitars. So, if he did request a Floyd equipped prototype for “whammy tricks”, I’m assuming the tricks in question are way more extreme. Makes sense to me at least!

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While John has gone on to create many different versions john petrucci musicman of his signature series guitar this classic design remains a popular choice with Dream Theater fans and players looking for an all around excellent guitar!! John’s highly developed technique demands a guitar that is up for endless touring and the wide array of tones that are demanded from this eclectic group. This sweet axe certainly delivers the goods!

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Thanks for following along with our continuous NAMM 2013 coverage on Twitter during the NAMM Show! Even though the NAMM Show is over, be sure to follow Guitar World on Twitter right here.



Music man john petrucci 6 Black or here for Transparent Green Burst

Besides Petrucci you can often see them in the hands music man john petrucci majesty of Joe Bonamassa and Periphery’s Mark Holcomb, for instance. But the asking price – although well worth it – is out of the reach of many players. Sterling By Music Man to the rescue! After successfully offering six-string JP-60 for a few years, the brand has now released its first seven-string version, the JP70.
Wanna buy one? Click Here for Stealth Black or here for Transparent Green Burst.

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Here’s a Guitar World video from the 2013 Winter NAMM ernie ball musicman john petrucci Show, which took place January 24 to 27 in Anaheim, California.During the gear-filled weekend, we paid a visit to the gang at the Ernie Ball/Music Man booth to check out some new guitars. This video profiles the company’s newest John Petrucci signature model, the JP13. As an added bonus, the Dream Theater guitarist was on hand to introduce the guitar himself.

john petrucci 6

Could it be hit and miss?In this video his guitar goes out of tune quite badly and he didn’t even abuse the trem that much.




Includes warranty and molded hardshell john petrucci music man

This instrument comes equipped a floating piezo bridge music man john petrucci 6 guitar system with perfect tuning stability, John Petrucci’s signature Dimarzio set of pickups with a Crunchlab in the bridge position and a Liquifier in the neck position, mono or stereo operation, 15″ neck radius with 24 stainless steel frets, and shield inlays. Guaranteed collectibility while also giving the most demanding musician a lifetime of maximum playability and satisfaction. Includes warranty and molded hardshell case. Buy from a dealer you can count on!

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I have to agree. It’s not just about being able to petrucci music man go nuts on the bar if you choose to. Reliable tuning stability is more important to me than the minor increase in time when changing strings. My locking trem guitars only need to be fine tuned once a day and that’s usually just to adjust to climate change and the fact that I’m finicky. It doesn’t matter what I do once the strings are stretched and locked they don’t stray out of tune one bit. I seem to have to always be checking the non-trem guitars which is a far greater annoyance to me than dealing with a lock nut every few weeks.

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Music man john petrucci in their richly detailed stereo presentation

John Petrucci is a renowned guitar virtuoso who is john petrucci music man constantly striving for technical perfection, as well as being a musical innovator who is passionate about pushing the guitar to the absolute limits of its creative applications and possibilities. His long-standing collaboration with Music Man’s Research and Development department has produced 6 and 7 string models that have become favourites with guitarists all over the world, and the Petrucci-6 Electric Guitar in Sapphire Black sets to continue this trend.

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Sonically, the Petrucci is extremely cool. The piezo music man john petrucci 6 sound is very warm and free from plasticy artifacts, and the magnetic pickups offer a surprisingly broad spectrum of sounds. In particular, the middle setting absolutely sparkles with the coils in parallel, while the blended magnetic and piezo sounds are amazing in their richly detailed stereo presentation. If you want big tones from a multi-amp rig, the John Petrucci 6 is a most worthy starting point.

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-Update! I had John sign the back plate for this guitar in Kansas City at a meet and greet. Here’s your chance to score an incredible guitar signed by the man himself!


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