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Gear John Mayer

Gear John Mayer sure can rock out on a Fender Stratocaster guitar. John Mayer is a great blues guitar player in addition to be a great singer also.

Pedals are a topic of hot debate in the Mayer-tone world, and it makes sense. Pedals are one of the easiest and least expensive way that a guitarist can shape his or her tone, and they are fairly modular, allowing the player to continuously swap out one pedal for another until they find the tone that is in their head.

One disclaimer however, that you will also hear echoed by countless players – and that is the tone of a great pedal cannot fix the tone of a bad amp. So make sure that you don’t go out and buy all of these pedals, plug them into a Crate amplifier, and expect John Mayer tone. These pedals are best suited for a Dumble style amplifier such as a Two-Rock or Ceriatone, and will also do a great job when used in conjunction with a solid Fender style amp. If you’re wondering what settings you should use on these pedals, check out the Mayer 2010 Rig Rundown on the Media page.