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music man john petrucci bfr 6 Mystic Dream

The John Petrucci Ball Family Reserve 7 Electric Guitar music man jp6 mystic dream piezo was designed in conjunction with the world-renowned Dream Theater guitarist. Signature model features fine tonewoods including maple and rosewood. A mahogany tone block runs from under the bridge to the neck pocket. Selected maple neck. Music Man JP6 John Petrucci Electric Guitar, Mystic Dream (Pre-Owned)

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There’s also a Piezo/Mono jack that can deliver either a mix of mag music man john petrucci 6 electric guitar and buffered piezo signals (when a mono cable is connected) or a piezo-only signal when you’ve got a separate mono cable connected to the Magnetic/Stereo out (in which case it provides only a passive mag signal). The 3-way pickup selector gives you a choice of neck humbucker, inside coils of both pickups (in series or parallel via the push-pull Tone pot), or bridge humbucker. A Mode switch on the upper horn provides magnetic, piezo, or “both” selections. You also get Volume and Tone knobs for the magnetic pickups and a separate Volume control for the piezo pickup.

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music man john petrucci bfr 6 Sales Engineer to learn more about this amazing instrument

NONE. MORE. BLACK. This guitar really has to guitar solo john petrucci be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Since the finish is sort of difficult to gauge by pics alone, I can tell you that the texture has a very ‘latex-ish’ look to it. It is flat but still reflects light.

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the top of the range of the Dream Theater guitarist’s signature petrucci new guitar line. The BFR ‘brand’ must be Ernie Ball’s premium range in the same vein as PRS’s ‘Private Stock’. I’d never heard of it up till now; can’t say I liked the BFR logo inlaid into the 12th fret though – that was the only ugly design snafu…

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Couple that with premium tonewoods, DiMarzio Illuminator pickups, a piezo tremolo, and custom switching, and you have a guitar that’s ready to rock any stage. The Music Man John Petrucci Majesty 6-string is the evolution of a long line of shred machines from this prolific artist and guitar company. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to learn more about this amazing instrument.